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Here is a quick way to choose the best room for you

Room at Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria
Living room in Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria
Bathroom at Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria
Landscape from Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria
Sauna at Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria
Mountain views from Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria
Room at Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria
Mountain views from Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria
Room at Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria
Wine at Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria

Having decided to treat yourself to a stay in a room offered by one of the best hotels in Austrian Alps, how do you then decide which room to choose? The luxury suites might be too big for even the most hedonistic solo traveller, while a new couple might find a honeymoon-worthy suite to be just the right atmosphere for them to get to know each other a bit better.


Single Bliss

Travelling by yourself doesn't have to mean cramped box-rooms, cheap dormitories and youth hostels. All our accommodation types can be a perfect fit for a solo traveller. Treat yourself to a luxurious room or suite where you will have room to spread yourself out without feeling swamped, and enjoy gourmet four-course meals, a round of golf or just breathe in the stupendous views from your optional private balcony.


Romance at the best price

Travelling as a couple can be fraught with tension as you learn to share an unknown space with each other. Give your relationship the best chance by booking a sumptuous Double Room Deluxe that it will be a pleasure to share as you begin this voyage of discovery together. Situated in the historic part of the castle, these rooms are ideal for any couples travelling together and exploring the beauties of the Austrian Alps, whether you are newly-weds, or travelling as a couple for the first time since the children have left home.


The Suite Life

For just a little more space for the two of you, a bit more luxury and the sensation of being even more pampered, perhaps opt for a suite.

There are Junior Suites with seating areas, bathtubs as well as showers in the bathroom, a flat-screen television which has radio channels included. You can take advantage of a wake-up service, use the in room phone and keep your hair looking great with the provided hair-dryer. There is also a safe in which you can lock your valuables while you are out sightseeing or exploring.

Traditional Suites are double the size of the Junior Suites, and have a separate living room rather than a seating area, complete with comfortable lounge suite, an extra restroom, and larger bedrooms.

All the suites come with free soft drinks, teas and coffees, and access to the hotel's onsite spa is included, along with free yoga or pilates to keep yourself in good trim while you explore this beautiful region. You will also get twenty percent off green fees on the golf course, and complimentary use of the hotel's caddy room. These suites are ideal for couples who need more space than a Double Room Deluxe might offer them, especially those who are avid golfers.


Try a Room with a View

Discover our rooms with balcony options: Double Rooms Deluxe with balcony, Junior Suites with balcony, and Traditional Suites with balcony, looking out onto the magnificence of the Alps. You can stand in privacy and enjoy your morning tea or coffee able to see what is going on beneath your window.


How about having your own terrace?

There are also Traditional Suites with Terrace for those couples who like to spend plenty of time in the fresh air: you can spend hours in the balmy air, enjoying your meals, a good book, or simply sitting and watching the shadows move over the mountains. These suites are an impressive 100 square feet, in total.


Fancy a glass of wine in front of your private fireplace?

Two of our most opulent suites features open fires in their living rooms spaces. These are the Castle Suite and the Tower Suite respectively. Bring your partner and enjoy this welcoming space as you enjoy your visit to this gorgeous part of the country. Awe-inspiring views of the Alps can be seen from your room, and the chill from the snow-capped peak will be ably off-set by the evocative scent and warmth emanating from the fireplace. Perfect for couples who want to indulge themselves while travelling.


The combo: Private SPA and breathtaking views!

Finally, our most hedonistic and pleasure-based suite features a dedicated spa area within its area: the Private SPA Suite with Balcony. A free-standing bath, infra-red function sauna, and experience showers are just some of the benefits available in this pampering suite that will treat you so well that you will never want to leave this, one of the finest luxury hotels in Austrian Alps! Perfect for couples who enjoy the best that life has to offer.

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