Closeup of framed images on a wall at Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

Our castle. THEN. NOW.

Schloss Pichlarn. A magnificent past.

The Grimming mountain watches over our castle in the Ennstal, as it has done for more than 1,000 years. It has seen a lot, and so has the castle. The story that our walls can tell is an eventful one. From a lowland castle to a pleasure palace and finally the luxurious golf resort hotel, it has been a long journey. And above all, an interesting one. Join us on this journey for a while. Retrace the steps of noble men and women who, centuries ago, called this castle home. Breathe the same air as popes, industrial magnates and nature lovers. Let’s go back to the past. The castle will narrate.

Snowy landscape with mountains near Schloss Pichlarn Hotel

When Schloss Pichlarn was constructed – and how the story continued.

In the year 1009, I, Schloss Pichlarn, was erected at the foot of the imposing Grimming mountain. Or at least my foundations were, let’s be clear; after all, good things take time. I made a strong impression on the people back then, representing an expression of new possibilities. This is still true today. I wasn’t mentioned in official documents until half a century after my construction, in the year 1074. I was referred to as “Püchlern” or “Pühelarn” – “pichl”, which in the Austrian dialect at the time meant “hill”.

In 1150, the lord of the castle, Leo der Edle (Leo the Noble), bequeathed me to Admont Abbey. The pure air surrounding my walls, the beautiful nature and of course my own charms drew the high clergy to Aigen. Even Pope Pius II came to visit. I was a beloved recreational resort, and I still retain this luxurious feel-good flair in my walls to this day. In 1555, the “Herren von Stainach” (Lords of Stainach) set foot on my grounds and had the two round towers constructed, which I still stretch proudly skywards today.

Schloss Pichlarn becomes a luxurious hotel in Styria.

Over the centuries, I changed hands several times before eventually becoming an exclusive luxury hotel in 1972. Thanks to the renowned golf course architect Donald Harradine, I’ve also had the privilege of looking out over one of Europe’s most beautiful golf courses since then. The sweeping, natural surfaces at one with the landscape, perfect harmony. The Grimming observes each game attentively. As do I.

In 2006, I learned what relaxation looks like. My wellness area & spa covers a total area of 4,500 m², making me one of the top wellness hotels in Europe. With this, I promise my guests rest and relaxation – and I keep my word. What’s more, I’ve also given my rooms and suites a makeover. Because in my opinion, there’s always room for improvement.

I have a millennium behind me. The coming one waits to be explored. And my inhabitants and guests? They walk alongside me, in the footsteps of the centuries.

Exterior view with garden view at Schloss Pichlarn Hotela
Exterior view of the Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn

Our castle. Through the millennium.

1009: Construction of Schloss Pichlarn
1074: First official mention as Püchlern, Pühelarn
1150: Lord of the castle Leo der Edle bequeaths the estate to Admont Abbey. It becomes a pleasure palace for high-up clerical dignitaries.
1555: The Lords of Stainach erect the two round towers.
16th - 19th centuries: Frequent changes of hands
1972: The castle is transformed into an exclusive luxury hotel and receives its own private golf course.
2006: The wellness area & spa spanning 4,500 m² are built.
2016: Renovation.