Guest Room at Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn, Austria
Tower Suite at Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn, Austria

Our castle. LOVERS.

Rooms & suites at Schloss Pichlarn in Styria.

In the rooms and suites at Schloss Pichlarn, guests are all too happy to hide away from the world, hit the snooze button and roll back over in the bed that’s as soft as a feather, allowing time to stand still for a while. The balcony in the single room seduces Karin to spend hours marvelling at the surrounding landscape. In the suite, meanwhile, Barbara has discovered the delights of the fireplace and Joachim tries out the room service. As the fire crackles away cosily, the two enjoy their time out together. The castle knows the heart’s desire of every guest, whether singles, couples or families – and takes care of their every want and need. Like a true lover.

You can now choose from 96 rooms and suites for quick getaways and longer stays.

Single Room Deluxe with Balcony

The sunlight streams in and fills the room: Nadine is living the life. She falls in love with the view, strikes up a friendship with the ambience in the room.

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Double Room Deluxe

To simply lean back and relax together. Bernd and Alicia could not possibly ask for more, yet the castle always wants to go that extra mile.

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Double Room Deluxe with Balcony

As soon as the sun rises, the view beckons guests outside. On the balcony, gazing out at the Styrian scenery, Andi and Renée let time drift slowly by as they deliberately take in every ray of sun. 

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Junior Suite

Kaspar strides across the generously furnished space as sunlight floods the combined bedroom and living room. The castle extended an invitation, and he and his wife have accepted.

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Junior Suite with Balcony

The castle knows: here lives cosiness. Here lives luxury. Here lives light.

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Traditional Suite at Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria

Traditional Suite

Tradition and luxury create a harmonious union, the castle knows. In the traditional suites, this combination spreads out.

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Traditional Suite with Balcony

Is it the comfortable winged armchair, into which you sink contentedly after an event-filled day? The exquisite floor and exclusive furniture? Or the time spent on the balcony gazing out at the Styrian landscape and the stunning Ennstal valley?

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Tower Suite

Just like in a fairytale, Leopold thinks, allowing his hand to drift across the exquisite furniture. 96 m², all to himself. He fell in love with the tower suite in a matter of seconds.

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Ennstal Classic Suite with Balcony

Cosy luxury. Stately elegance. The castle grew up with these, and loves to share. In the multi-storey Ennstal classic suite, Irina and her family settle in for the summer holidays and fall in love with the classy maisonette: on the upper floor, the children weave their way in and out of the exquisite furniture, while Irina and her husband relax with a good wine by the open fireplace.

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Private SPA Suite with Balcony at Schloss Pichlarn Hotel in Austria

Private SPA Suite with Balcony

For Hans and Christina, there is no doubt about it: this place is home to true relaxation. The castle agrees.

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Castle Suite

In the castle suite in the historical section of the castle, Tanja feels truly majestic, thanks to the bathroom with its light marble, the living area with its elegantly luxurious furniture and high-quality fabrics.

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