Our castle. INVITES YOU.

Your events at Schloss Pichlarn in Styria.

The castle doesn’t want to be a simple event location. That would be much too mundane. And what’s more, unworthy of its guests. Why do people meet, celebrate, discuss, marry and get motivated in the castle? What a question, the castle thinks. After all, I have 1,000 years of experience in my rooms. I am a work of art, I am tolerant, traditional yet always up to date with the latest state of the art. The guests who come to me seek something special. A wedding requires exclusivity, a conference needs perfect organisation, and a small meeting may need utmost discretion.

But amongst all this, the joy in my beautiful environment must not be lost. Hop on the bikes, dive into the pool, get massaged in the spa and play golf right outside my imposing gates. Below me lies the wine cellar, my lobby hosts the Wine Lounge; noble drops bring cheer to my guests. With me, the dining ranges from casual to elegant. In that respect, I’m tolerant; whatever suits the mood. For anyone who wants their event to stand out just that little bit extra, my gates are always wide open.

I have seen, heard and experienced a great deal. One thing has always humbled me. The high regard for my historical walls, the acknowledgement that stability is by no means a thing of the past, but is instead more important than ever. Precisely in times like these, when the future has suddenly changed course, trust is once again a top priority. My strength and reliability will be etched into your memory. And that’s a promise.

Event and wedding supervision.

Comprehensive support from the hotel’s own event planner.

Well-lit event rooms.

Spaces with natural light and a terrace for up to 180 people.

Events in and around the castle.

From the Night Race to Formula 1.