Wedding at Schloss Pichlarn
Your exclusive reception at the castle
Marriage at Schloss Pichlarn
Tie the knot, celebrate and sleep at the Schloss Resort
Styria Wedding at Schloss Pichlarn
Honeymoon at the castle

The castle celebrates. WINTER. SPRING. AUTUMN. Wedding.

Your wedding at Schloss Pichlarn.

At the castle, guests have learned to say “I do”. The atmosphere encourages them, while the gorgeous Ennstal surrounding them with its stunning views agrees in spring, autumn and winter. Chris and Alex, too, have come here to say yes to one another. A promise, in the midst of 1,000 years of history. Both will last, the castle knows. Forever.

Aerial view from the area of Schloss Pichlarn

The best place for a wonderful journey.

Hoochzeit im Schlosspark von Schloss PichlarnWedding at

Yours forever. Mine forever. Ours forever.

Hochzeit in Schloss Pichlarn

The door to happiness. Simply step through.

Weddings at Schloss Pichlarn

The two of us together.

Wedding at Schloss Pichlarn

Just follow your heart!

Spiegelsaal I-II - Meeting Room at Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichla

A short walk in the direction of eternity.

LGBT Hochzeit im Schloss Pichlarn

The glasses clink. Cheers!

Hochzeit in Schloss Pichlarn

Forever yours.

Grimming II - Wedding Venue at Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn,

Relish in and discover pleasure.

Styrian wedding at Schloss Pichlarn

A reason to celebrate and savour good wines.

Weddings at Schloss Pichlarn

A kiss, worlds shift.

Meeting Room at Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn

The room celebrates a shared dream, together.

Wedding under the linden tree at Schloss Pichlarn

Yes, I do!

Hochzeit im Schloss Pichlarn im Frühjahr

Side by side, heart to heart.

Marriage at Schloss Pichlarn

Give me your hand, your heart, your everything.

Hochzeit in Schloss Pichlarn

As of today, it’s time to start collecting perfect days.

Your wedding. From 2 to 180 people.

Flexible arrangement of the ceremonial halls. Wedding celebrations with an open end.


Seasons. Your wedding in spring, autumn and in winter.

Civil wedding in the Schloss Park or Roter Salon.

Entirely exclusive. Your unique wedding.

Only one wedding per weekend at the castle. Our hotel’s very own Group & Event Team will support you throughout.

Grimming II - Wedding Venue at Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn,

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Castle Suite at Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn, Austria

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