Becoming a golfer for everyone from Styria

For the course permit, the first step to golf, you do not need your own golf equipment. We provide you with golf clubs and balls. Learn the basics, the rules of conduct and golf from Golf Pro. Putting, chipping, pitching and the full swing are learned, practiced and you will also come into contact with a golf course for the first time.

Course ÖGV seat permit (PE)

Golf clubs during the training session
Golf lessons, theory and practice, with the Golf Pro on driving range and golf course
ÖGV Examination of course permits under the guidelines by the Austrian Golf Association (ÖGV).
499,00 € per person 20 units of 25 minutes
289,00 € per person from 2 persons 20 units of 25 minutes
119,00 € per person from 3 persons 20 units of 25 minutes

Golf Membership to get to know

For the first two years we offer you a membership to get to know the Golf & Country Club Schloss Pichlarn.

Membership to get to know

unlimited use during the golf season (May – October, April and November due to weather conditions, sunrise to sunset)
500,00 € per person for 1 year instead of €1,410. 00
1. 000,00 € per person for 2 years instead of 2. 820,00 €

SPA Membership

As a member of the Golf & Country Club Schloss Pichlarn you will receive a special price on the SPA membership:

SPA membership for one year: €1,200. 00
SPA membership for half a year: 660,00 €