Two having site seeing while hiking the Pichlarn mountains

Our castle. ROAMS.

Hiking in 3 regions.

The left foot is steadily placed in front of the right, one step at a time. The path leads through Styria’s unparalleled landscapes. The castle knows them all, has seen the admirers of forest, meadow and mountains come and go over all these years. When they return, the emotion on their faces is always the same: that of pure joy. Niko, Herbert and Christian have also arrived, all packed up and ready to set out to discover stunning views and unforgettable moments. The hiking shoes are ready by the door; the castle calls this “lacing up excitement”.

A couple exploring the surrounding near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

We are nature lovers and castle gourmets.

Wide view of a grassy land near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

For a brief while, you are my alpine meadow...

Stoderzinken Mountain peak near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

... until the view takes my breath away.

Mountains during the golden hours near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

The Grimming peak loves the spectacle. You have to see it to believe it.

Three regions. Well roamed.


With a total of 500 km of hiking paths in the region.


With 3,000 hiking routes of various lengths and numerous via ferratas.


With numerous via ferratas and 79 hiking routes of various lengths.

Mountain landscape near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

Hike to the Grimminghütte and the Tressenstein

  • Length: 7.85 km
  • Duration: 3:00 h
  • Ascent: 525 m
  • Descent: 525 m
  • Distance from the castle: 8 minutes by car to the parking lot at Schloss Trautenfels

Picture: Christoph Lukas

A lake with beautiful surroundings near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

6-lake hike on the Tauplitzalm

  • Length: 16.03 km
  • Duration: 5:00 h
  • Ascent: 493 m
  • Descent:488 m
  • Distance from the castle: 36 minutes by car to the parking lot at Schloss Trautenfels

Picture: TVB Ausseerland-Salzkammergut, Tom Lamm


Scenic area and a wooden bridge with roof near Schloss Pichlarn

Circular hike through the Donnersbachklamm

  • Length: 5.43 km
  • Duration: 2:15 h
  • Ascent: 212 m
  • Descent: 212 m
  • Distance from the castle: 10 minutes by car to the parking lot at Gasthof Leitner

Picture: Armin Walcher

View of distant snowy mountainous area and greenery

5-hut path on the Dachstein glacier

  • Length: 14.50 km
  • Duration: 4:00 h
  • Ascent: 933 m
  • Descent: 933 m
  • Distance from the castle: 49 minutes by car to the parking lot at Gasthof Edelbrunn

Picture: Schladming-Dachsein, Herbert Raffalt

Cottages surrounded by a mountain range near Schloss Hotel

Circular hike-Ursprungalm

  • Length: 1.45 km
  • Duration: 0:33 h
  • Ascent: 30 m
  • Descent: 30 m
  • Distance from the castle: 34 minutes by car to the parking lot at Planet Planai (Schladming), from there with the buses of the Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnen to the Ursprungalm

Picture: Schladming-Dachsein, Herbert Raffalt

Stoderzinken Mountain peak near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

Summit hike to the Stoderzinken and Friedenskircherl

  • Length: 2.37 km
  • Duration: 1:07 h
  • Ascent: 257 m
  • Descent: 50 m
  • Distance from the castle: 35 minutes by car to the parking lot at Steinerhaus (Stoderzinken)

Picture: TV Gröbmingerland