A person in a boat on the lake near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn


The most beautiful lakes in Styria.

The castle is built close to the water: all around it are lakes, mountain springs, waterfalls. There is plenty to see in Upper Styria, with an ocean of relaxation available. Rita is a huge fan of the Ennstal nature surrounding the castle, and finds herself back here every summer, dipping her toes into the refreshing water after a satisfying hike. Or discovering new favourite spots along the waterfront on an e-bike tour. On her lakeside tours, Rita allows her thoughts to flow freely, collecting treasured memories. The castle, too, thinks that the nature all around it is well worth “sea”-ing. And recommends a spot of tourism here – on foot, by bike or e-bike – at any time of year.

A couple sitting at a cottage by a lake near Schloss Hotel

Sink your feet into the feeling of freedom.

View of a beautiful lake near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

A wealth of impressions.

Splendid Spiegelsee lake near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

Breathe in the joy: in the mountains, we are wild and free.

A female hiker standing by a tarn near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

Come and make memories.

Two regions. More lakes to see.


With 300 mountain lakes, 1,000 springs and 1,000 waterfalls.


With countless lakes and mountain lakes.

From lake to castle.

Outdoor & indoor pool at Schloss Pichlarn.

Woman jumps into the lake near Imlauer Schloss Hotel Piclarn


The Putterersee is a nearby, idyllic lake with a lawn for sunbathing.

Distance from the castle: 3.4 km

Picture: TV Grirmming-Donnersbachtal, Armin Walcher

Spiegelsee lake with surroundings near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn


Length: 4.2 km from the Preunegg-Jet gondola lift
Duration: 1:39 h
Ascent: 284 m
Descent: 284 m
Distance from the castle: 48.3 km to the valley station of the Preunegg-Jet gondola lift

Picture: Schladming-Dachstein, Raffalt

View of a beautiful lake near Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

Altausseer See

The view of the Dachstein glacier in the second part of the route around the Altausseer See is a highly popular photo opportunity, and is sure to leave a lasting memory.

Distance from the castle: 39.6 km

Picture: TVB Ausseerland-Salzkammergut, Tom Lamm

View of a tarn near Imlauer Schloss Hotel Pichlarn


Length: 8.44 km from the Breitlahnhütte (Kleinsölktal)
Duration: 2:30 h
Ascent: 109 m
Descent: 109 m
Distance from the castle: 35.5 km to the Breitlahnhütte (Kleinsölktal)

Picture: Schladming-Dachstein, Raffalt

Landscape view of surroundings at Schloss Hotel Pichlarn

Steirischer Bodensee

The Steirischer Bodensee is a jewel in the middle of the Schladming-Dachstein region.

15 minutes level footpath to the Steirischer Bodensee.
Distance from the castle: 34.0 km to the parking lot Seewigtalstüberl

Picture: TVB Huas-Aich-Gössenberg, René Eduard Perhab

Long shot of 2 hikers walking by a tarn near Schloss Hotel


Length: 8.17 km from the Ursprungalm
Duration: 2:49 h
Ascent: 449 m
Descent: 449 m
Distance from the castle: 39 km to the parking lot Planet Planai (Schladming), from there with the buses of the Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnn to the Ursprungalm.

Picture: Peter Burgstaller