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Cross-country Skiing at Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn, Austria


Snowshoe hikes in Styria.

Whether on short shoes or long, there are wonderful hikes to be had here. At the castle, the surroundings are celebrated in winter – and there’s no better way to do so than stomping through pristine fields of snow together. Linda, Erwin and Hannes met each other while exploring the vast expanses of white. Hannes enthuses about hiking around the castle’s golf course, while Erwin recommends the longer snowshoe tour to Rossfeld: here, you feel closer to the sky, the brilliant blue almost within reach. Linda trudges on, letting their light-hearted conversation wash over her. She is enjoying the sensation of simply being. The castle looks on in approval.

Header picture (c) Gerhard Pilz

Snow hikes.

Up to 660 vertical metres.

White in all directions.

Hikes with a walking time of between 1 and 5 hours.

Castle hike.

Snowshoe hike directly on the castle grounds.

Views from Schloss Pichlarn


Snowshoeing at Schloss Resort terrain
In winter you have the opportunity to explore the hotel's golf course with snowshoes. 

High Trett in Aigen im Ennstal
Duration: 4,45 hours Walking time 
Altitude: 660 
Starting point: Möslhof mountain farm in Vorberg 
Distance to the castle: 9.1 km, 17 minutes drive 

Jochspitze on the Planneralm
Duration: 2.45 hours Walk 
Altitude: 450 
Starting point : Planneralm car park 
Distance to the castle: 19.7 km, 28 minutes drive 

Hintere Mörsbachalm in Donnersbachwald
Duration: 4.45 hours Walking time 
Altitude: 630 
Starting point: Parking Donnersbachwald town center / Hotel Stegerhof 
Distance to the castle: 17.9 km, 22 minutes driving time

Foto (c) Richard Schabetsberger

Cross-country Skiing at Romantik Hotel Schloss Pichlarn, Austria


Snowshoe tour to the Rossfeld
Duration: 2 hours Walk 
Altitude: 284 
Starting point: Talstation Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen 
Distance to the castle: 46,1 km, 45 minutes drive 

Rohrmooser Schneeschuhtour
Duration: 1,17 hours Walking time 
Altitude: 199 
Starting point: Talstation Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen 
Distance to the castle: 46 , 1 km, 45 minutes drive 

Snowshoe tour to the Gasselhöhe
Duration: 1 hour Walk 
Altitude: 143 
Starting point: Gleiming, Silver Jet gondola lift 
Distance to the castle: 46.2 km, 41 minutes drive


Foto (c) Gerhard Knaus

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